Decorating Ideas for the Napa style home - How to Decorate a Napa Wine Country style home with Mediterranean style colors, furniture and decorating accessories. Napa Style Home Decor
Decorating Ideas for the Napa style home - the relaxed style of living

Transform your living space with Napa wine country style colors and textures. Live comfortably in your home with Napa style decorating colors and themes that include Mediterranean produced products like olives, grapes, pottery, wine, scrolled ironwork, marble and handcrafted tiles. Read our TIPS for Napa home design and decorating ideas for creating a Napa old world style. Preview our Napa wine country style decorating accessories and discover the world of Napa Home Decorating.

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Napa style decorating colors are warm, yellow-based colors. Consider colors that are nature inspired. When decorating in a Napa style, think ripe, golden pears, a clear turquoise lake, orange-red hibiscus, luscious green olives, the creamy ivory of an aged plaster wall and the rich burgundy of aged wine. Choose colors that are earthy and organic.

Create visual depth with heavily textured walls and rich Napa color. Yellow and orange are important colors to consider when creating a Napa style interior design. Yellow is subdued and found in shades of gold as seen in golden olive oil and creamy stucco walls in ancient buildings. Shades of gold are Mediterranean neutrals found on floors and walls as well as in cabinetry and furniture.

The orange in Napa style decorating is burnt terra cotta orange or even darker. Rusty burnt orange is used on walls and floors. Darkest shades are found in scrolled ironwork, dark cabinetry and furniture.

For accent colors, warm tomato red, cobalt blue, olive green and golden sunflower yellow are often found in ceramic art throughout southern Europe that is common to Napa style decorating.

If your Napa style home has a French flair then a combination of red and yellow may be the principal colors in your palette selection. Shades of red and yellow are dramatic in Napa interior design. Burnt orange and copper are shades of red and yellow found in dark wood, granite counter tops, copper cook wares, copper planters and iron pot racks.
Napa Style Furniture
Napa Style Artwork
Food canisters, decorative pottery, earthenware urns and vases, woven basketry and artwork with predominant tones of red and gold set the stage for dramatic decorating in the Napa wine country style home.


Spanish hacienda style furniture, Tuscan style furniture, French country style furniture and Mexican style furniture all have in common a rustic style that is ideal for Napa style home decorating.

Napa wine country style furniture can be simple, rustic or elegant in design. It can be fashioned from iron, rustic woods or fine hardwoods. Casual furniture often includes accents of stone and iron, wide crown molding details and rustic hardware. Colorful tile is incorporated into casual furniture styles that are perfect for Napa style decorating.

Consider leather upholstered sofas and chairs combined with rustic wood hutches and entertainment units. Include rich wood cabinetry, leather stools, arched hutches, rustic wood buffets and distressed wood and iron side tables when creating a Napa style interior.


Napa style master bedrooms reflect distinct Mediterranean tastes in decorating. The Napa style bedroom is this picture could easily be a bachelor's retreat and definitely a master bedroom found in the Napa wine country.

Color contrast is dramatic. Walls painted in ivory and taupe are perfect contrasting shades to the dark wood ceiling. The Napa style bedroom feels warm and inviting due to color choices in bedding, flooring and accessories, but natural light from the bathroom and dressing area brightens the feel of this well-designed bedroom.

The sisal rug, wicker chair, leather bench, wide-framed artwork and iron wall decor enhance the earthy, organic design elements found in Napa style decorating.
Napa style bedroom in brown, black and ivory

Napa Style Wall Decor in the Foyer


It's all about, texture, color and theme when you update your decor. Softening a room, with the rich warmth of red tapestry, can make the space feel more inviting and wall hangings are an excellent opportunity to enhance your red color theme.

Wall tapestry softens hard metals like copper and hard surfaces like earthenware and granite. Woven art tapestry brings color, softness and dramatic red dining room design to large walls in your dining room as well as wall space in the foyer, living room and bedroom.

Red Decorating Accessories

Copper vessels, faux botanicals and rustic earthenware are perfect choices when choosing table top decorating accessories for a Napa style decor. Read more about Decorating with Red.

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Whether your interest in this timeless decorating style was influenced by visiting a winery in Napa Valley, the Franciscan missions in San Antonio or the French Quarter in New Orleans, you can be assured that no matter what you call it, you can find the furniture styles and decorative accessories that will make your home the style that you want it to be. HOME