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Decorating Ideas for the Napa style home - the relaxed style of living

Napa style home decorating finds its roots in the centuries-old lifestyles of the Spanish, French and Italian wine regions of Europe. Rustic architecture, with clay tile roofs, heavy-beamed arbors and native-stone facades, nestled among rolling hills and vast vineyards, is common to Europe and the Napa Valley. In these picturesque settings, lifestyles celebrate casual living. It's no surprise that as designers discover this style of living, traditional ideas are changing on how to design and decorate today's homes. Discover Napa wine country style products for your home.

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Iron wall decor, hand-painted wood furniture and distinctive wall art can bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your Napa Valley style home decorating project.
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Artistic expressions in iron are favorites when decorating a Mediterranean style home. Consider iron wall decor, lamps and light fixtures in your Napa style home decor.
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Like many regions of the United States, Napa Valley enjoys a reputation for being home to exemplary Mediterranean style architecture and Mediterranean style home interiors. Famous United States regions with an abundance of Mediterranean style architecture are primarily found in the southwestern and western regions of the United States. Like traditional Napa style architecture, the influences of Mediterranean origins are seen in Santa Fe, San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, Albuquerque and throughout the towns and cities of California. The influences of Mediterranean style architecture are evident in New Orleans as well as many cities throughout Florida.
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In your Napa style kitchen, a Napa decorating theme is best expressed with countryside figurines, dispalys of rustic copper and large earthenware urns and vases.
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When decorating in a Mediterranean style, consider decorating accessories that compliment the rustic appearance of Mediterranean architecture. From Italian Style to French Style to Spanish Style influences, the increasing interest in Mediterranean architecture is mirrored by an enormous response in the home decor/design industry.
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Whether your interest in this timeless decorating style was influenced by visiting a winery in Napa Valley, the Franciscan missions in San Antonio or the French Quarter in New Orleans, you can be assured that no matter what you call it, you can find the furniture styles and decorative accessories that will make your home beautifully Mediterranean. Read about colors ideal for Napa style decorating.